‘Tool from _____’ by Jing He

‘Tool from _____.’ is a two-day workshop as an exercise for making body related objects based on contexts,which is important to experience how context effects the decision of the material, form, presentation, location, etc. The workshop contains two small warm-up assignments, and one big assignment that students need to choose one of the character (from reality or fiction), make research and focu on one of his/her/its experience/story/ability, to make one body related tool, which aims to solve one problem for this  character (but this ‘problem’ can be totally subjective).
The workshop ends with a presentation, students are encouraged to present results by any mediums that fit the context. During the presentation, always let the audience to see and talk first without artist’s explanation, this is a experience to let the presentation speak by itself.
guid of throwing slipper for morden grandma-1 guid of throwing slipper for morden grandma-2 tool from dua-2 tool from dua-1 tool from mojo jojo-4 tool from venus-1 tool from mojo jojo-2 tool from-1 tool from-2 Urn for sam and valdo-1

Hair by Linda Molenaar

Linda Molenaar was invited to the Jewellery – Linking Bodies Department for a workshop on hair. The workshop aimed at learning about the possibilities to use (horse) hair, how to use techniques as well as thinking about the context of hair which is actually a waste product of violin production. Old fashioned tools were made and used to create weaves, after which the students were free to make their own creation.

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