Collective Shimmering- an intimate space held by The Iridescent Institute of Desire (IID)

November 2023

The Iridescent Institute of Desire (IID) hosts a moment for sharing thoughts upon collaborative processes through a queer~crip lens.

For this occasion Angelo Custodio, Arthur Guilleminot and Pedro Matias will be holding space through practices of listening and embodiment.

“For crip time is broken time. […] It insists that we listen to our bodyminds so closely, so attentively, in a culture that tells us to divide the two and push the body away from us while also pushing it beyond its limits. Crip time means listening to the broken languages of our bodies, translating them, honoring their words.” (in Six ways of looking at crip time, Ellen Samuels)

The Iridescent Institute of Desire is an artist-run research network, focused on decomposing the notion of stable structures and (re)imagine collaboration from the perspective of an eternal event of ‘desiring’. It acknowledges change and interdependence as parts of a process and wants to propose shapeshifting viscoelastic trans*formative structure(s). The IID is particularly interested in looking into alternative ways of being, thriving and shimmering and to simultaneously facilitate spaces that socialise desire and conflict, share knowledge and develop kinship. IID has been developing transformative methodologies of care and irisation based on somatic listening, supported softness and pleasure acting, away from patriarchal modes of socialisation. To desire is to be in ‘touch’ and touch the ‘other’: to trouble the self.



Angelo Custodio

Arthur Guillemino t

Pedro Matias

Cherished Chemistry @The Pool Jewellery Collective 08-25.11.2023, 12:00-18:00

An exhibition as part of Obsessed Jewellery Festival with the participation of five Alumni

The Pool Jewelry is excited to present a group exhibition in which every piece has been made collaboratively between members. Our Cherished Chemistries, true jewelry Frankensteins, will be made by not one but by up to fifteen pairs of hands. A laboratory of techniques, mediums and imaginaries.

Wilderness, infinite colour-palettes; Violent yet delicate
The celebration of life
To embrace diversity, Surrealism and witty jokes
The Deception of texture, fluidity and unpredictability
To root and to uproot, colouring the transparent and forging the unreal
Skeletons of past architecture to highlight the invisible
Classic not classic; to awaken a new evolution

The Pool is a Jewelry Collective based in Amsterdam. A team of fifteen artists, ranging from emerging to both mid-career and established makers. We run a shop in the historic heart of Amsterdam that features our members’ works, it is an original space to view and buy pieces created by contemporary talents. The Pool has grown and evolved since its creation in 2020, going through cycles of transformations.

The artists:

Paul Derrez, Alex Gasparis, Gabriella Goldsmith, Floor Mommersteeg, ShinkaQ, Triin Kukk, Chloe Valorso, Stefanie Verhoef, Sophia Zobel and our alumni: Caroline Bach, Ela Bauer, Marguerite Bones, Martina Turini, Morgane De Klerk,