Workshop by Fernanda González Morales “Ternura Radical: a vibrant approach to matter.”

This workshop will revolve around the performative potential of artistic research; departing from our bodies as a threshold of experience we will embark on a quick journey of discovering affect, relationality, and conditions of life. Focusing on movement and relationality we will direct our attention to how to frame, construct, and enable alternative understandings of the body (not only human but other forms of life). We will explore somatically the relationships to different materials, objects, and situations, and reflect on the performative elements of these relationships.

Biography: “
I am a Mexican performing artist working between Amsterdam and Mexico City. With a background in Art, Latin American History, and Performance Studies I hold particular interest, in dance, theory, choreography, videography, creative pedagogy, dramaturgy, facilitation, and writing. I love supporting creative processes and thinking together with others for problem-solving. My main focus is on movement.”

Custom Appendages – Workshop by Ana María Gómez López

May 2019

This one-day workshop explored the concept of “custom appendages”—wearable structures that are tailor-made for an individual, and which relate to theirbodily extremities and protrusions (such as limbs, fingers/toes, ears, nose, and external genitalia). Custom appendages span a variety of aesthetic and prosthetic
design objects, from medically-prescribed artificial limbs to haute couture and everyday attire. This intensive session centred on jewellery as a custom appendage specifically, providing participants with tools and exercises that can be integrated into their own individual creative practices.