Clementine Edwards – Jewellery Linking- Bodies Research Fellow 2021-2022

Holly, Clementine Edwards, 2016. Photo © Christo Crocker

‘We need to learn to tell terrible stories… to learn the arts of living on a damaged planet’ Anna Tsing

‘In the reign of Harad IV there lived at court a maker of miniatures, who was celebrated for the uncanny perfection of his work. Not only were the objects of his strenuous art pleasing to look at but the pleasure and astonishment increased as the observer, bending closer, saw that a passionate care had been lavished on the smallest and least visible details. It was said that no matter how closely you examined one of the Master’s little pieces you always discovered some further wonder.’ Steven Millhauser

Sweetheart, Clementine Edwards, 2019. Photo © Nick Thomas

Clementine Edwards is an artist, editor and writer from Naarm/Melbourne and based in Rotterdam. Her work is guided by the ongoing research line material kinship, which thinks kin beyond bloodlines and material beyond extraction.


From the Jewellery Linking-Bodies department, Clementine will explore aesthetic strategies and develop works that map the connection between colonialism and climate crisis. A key concept is the miniature. By devoting herself to studio practice that, while ambitious, is neither bombastic nor grandiose, Clementine wishes to evoke wonder through the tiny and continue to de-link her work from cultures of (material) extraction. In particular, this means focusing on femme work, complex work, anti-heroic work. Of particular interest during her time at Rietveld is emphasising jewellery as an intimate, embodied and pertinent framework for one’s artistic practice.

Sweetheart (detail), Clementine Edwards, 2019. Photo © Nick Thomas 2019