Graduation Show 2020

Graphic Design by Linnea Rutz and Juliette Lépineau

The Graduation Show 2020 will take place at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie buildings from 26 until 30 August 2020.

The Jewellery – Linking Bodies department cordially invites you and proudly presents the works of Juliette Delarue, Seonmi Shin and Franca Ullrich. We admire our graduates for how they adapted to this unprecedented situation.

Because we have a limited capacity, it is necessary to book a ticket for a specific date and start time in advance. Book your time slot online from 12 August onwards on our website

We are looking forward to seeing you in person!

Best wishes for your well-being, 
Jewellery-Linking Bodies Department

FIELDWORK IN ARTS AND SCIENCE – Hallucinating snowmobiles and imaginary islands

Zoom lecture, May 15 2020

Artists may be well versed in working with the senses and discuss the wide range of perceptions that our cultural expressions evoke. But how critically do we asses our perception of natural phenomena? Surely a chicken is a chicken and a crow is a crow. In this talk Sander Turnhout and Theun Karelse will shake the taxonomical tree-of-life and see what falls out. A more complex picture may emerge. Our perception of nature is a cultural act. How did this evolve? What forces shape the data that underpins our understanding of nature and the policies we make? How does it shape the environmental awareness of our machines? What value does fieldwork have for scientific and artistic pursuits?

text by Theun Karelse and Sander Turnhout