Jewellery – Linking Bodies as part of Rietveld Uncut 2022 at the Stedelijk Museum: ALL THAT IS SOLID IS A LIE (part II)

ALL THAT IS SOLID IS A LIE (part II) is exploring how different materials can expand the notions of the body and its relation to space. Jewellery is then understood as a fundamental material and poetic link between bodies, objects, non-objects, and movements in space. The explorations on the topic over the course of this project have led the students to question ideas of containment, rituals, limits, repetitions, forms and the different ways we relate to water socially and poetically. This performance focuses on movement, fluidity and the performativity of matter in order to ask: what is a solid and where does it leak from?

Participating students of the JEWELLERY – LINKING BODIES

Martina Bucci Yawen Fu Robin Isenmann Ada Jochimsen Myrthe Kamoen Max van Meeuwen Karla Nilzén Lente Oosterhuis

Guidance by Maya Felixbrodt, Sonja Bäumel, Fernada González Morales.

Photo by Myrthe Kamoen

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By our students:

An ongoing story,  The act of holding 
To feel the wait 

To feel contained,  
as humans

by holding 

by witnessing  
Text by Lente Oosterhuis

photo by Martina Bucci

In the ocean, we hear through our bones Think of your blood as an ocean. Think of the ocean’s tides as muscles that expand and contract.  Words that have collected our bones and the tides have come to swallow them or spit them out. In the making of this work, I explored our body’s relation to the ocean through a series of writing rituals that involve sound, movement, and repetition. These rituals lead to the creation of a series of texts, images, and sculptures that question our relationship to our own bodily fluids and the environments around us. Text and image by Max van Meeuwen

Who is sleeping?

Who’s sleeping is a social intervention. I wear a pajama suit and walk around in the museum, fall asleep at a place I feel like doing so. while sleeping I’m a displaced, foreign. an unconscious body. Just like objects in the museum’s collection. The difference is, that I’m not protected and I’m alive. Will the audience put up with me? Text and image by Yawen Fu

Sounds of a tedious attempt to create connections

Crossing, knotting, crossing, knotting. Repetitive movements. It is a slow process, a tedious work. It is only through persistence that a new body gets created, a body of connections. 
Crossing, knotting, crossing, knotting.
The sounds is too repeated. It is only though persistence that a rhythm gets created, a rhythm offering comfort in its repetitiveness. 
Text and Image by Ada Jochimsen

This water drop is both wallflower and attention whore. Small and silent, it is only demanding attention through it’s stubborn and disruptive repetition. *as in fairy dish-washing product commercial where the green drop of dish-washing soap joyfully slides down some dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Text and image by Karla Nilzen

Am I a sweater yet?  Suddenly this big mass of water underneath my feet becomes a tiny compressed plastic bottle. This is it now? The water adapted the shape of its container and the two of them become a new object. How could we relate to this scenario?  Are we the container or the content? Is there a difference or have we already become something new? How does the shell we choose defines us? The line between burden and support becomes blurry. Can the container-content relationship influence our movement? The playground itself, a container with rules and flows. How does it shapes not only our movements but also our behavior in a space? Text by Robin Miro Isenmann