Hands on workshop with Gitte Nygaard ‘All you need is…’ 2021

In Material culture studies, objects are considered markers for culturally defined differences, identity markers and strongly culture-bearing. Through the three days workshop ‘All you need is…’ students will use objects as inspiration and as questions, to sharpen their awareness towards the network of material things, which we use to shape our world and which in turn shape us as humans.

As an attempt to uncover essential meaning in existing small matter. The students at the workshop were asked: What are objects capable of? What is the most important role of the objects you are making? What values do you cherish? What values would you like to implement into your own work? What story is worth telling?

Gitte Nygaard, artist and maker: I work across disciplines to expand conversations and inspire awareness of the relationship between ourselves and the objects we live with. My work moves beyond the gallery, connects the seemingly unexpected and explores the often overlooked. I create artworks, functional objects, collections, commissioned pieces and project based collaborations. 

For more information: www.gittenygaard.com