Open Day – name badges

The name badges for the OPEN DAY 2020 are in! These beautiful pins with textile tags where made by Eva Mahhov of the Jewellery – Linking Bodies department.

The concept in her own words: “At the Rietveld, there is no point in telling someone when they have their shirt on inside out. It is probably intentional. As the Open Day is the time when the inside is visible to the outside, I decided to accentuate the peculiarities of this community, clothing being just one small part of the ways of connecting. The clothing tags are a gesture of willingness to show the inner seams of this school. Originally, they ought to be pinned to a seam in your clothing (on the side-seam/collar of your shirt or the waist of your trousers), as where they usually are located. However, you are welcome to attach them in whichever way you feel most fitting.”