S.O.S (Sense of Self) – Workshop by TeZ

October 2017

Maurizio Martinucci (a.k.a. TeZ), interdisciplinary artist and researcher, visited the Jewellery Department for a three days course on wearable sensing technologies. With wearable sensors and ever-sophisticated algorithms, we can increasingly quantify almost any kind of human behaviour that we engage in: sleeping, calorie intake, weight, number of steps walked, heart rate and many others. The SOS course aimed at exploring techniques and methods for creative use of physiological data, acquired via affordable sensing technologies. This was translated to a personal “sensory selfie”, a portrait of one’s self that others can experience in other ways than a picture, graph or a textual description.

SoS-Rietveld-00 SoS-Rietveld-06 SoS-Rietveld-08SoS-Rietveld-09 kopie