Precious tools – Workshop by mischer’traxler

November 2019

Jewellery can be more than just a beautiful wearable. It can carry personal meaning, can show social status and often it indicates to which social group one feels she/he belongs to. Jewellery can be a sign of protest and critique and it can fulfil practical functions too, like holding hair or clothes in place, store loved memories or in the case of a watch, tell the time. 
The 3-days workshop ‘precious tools’ aimed to see jewellery as tools. The workshop focused on various functions and what could help someone in a defined activity. It explored how people can use wearables to perform certain tasks and thus create precious tools for everyday life. Analysing personal needs and daily routines helped to come up with simple, yet interesting concepts. Through practical assignments and quick material experiments the students played and tested various ideas to arrive at tangible workshop outcomes.