Monday Evening Lecture – AbsurdBeings- Life After Rietveld

On the 8th of November we, AbsurdBeings collective, will give a presentation about life after Rietveld, both from a collective perspective and as an individual. 

AbsurdBeings is a collective founded by Anne Lakeman, Irina Djojoatmodjo, Margherita Soldati, Meret Zimmermann and Mirre Yayla Séur. We are an all-female curatorial collective of five artists founded in 2017. Being artists ourselves enables us to bridge the distance between artist and artspace, and gives us the advantage of having a better understanding of the role of authority, openness and collectivity from both the curatorial and the artist perspective. By amplifying a multitude of voices, backgrounds and ideas, and including them in the curatorial process, we create exhibitions that start a dialogue.