Monday Evening Lecture by Veronika Fabian

Monday 14th November 2022 17:30 FedLev auditorium

Veronika Fabian is a British-Hungarian jewellery artist who gravitated towards metal art and jewellery after studying economic policy. Veronika’s work is informed by her own journey from complex analysis to handcraft, economics to design. Her work investigates the impact of contemporary capitalism on daily life and personal identity, both of which play a vital role in her collections.

Veronika often works with chains transforming them while experimenting with different techniques. Using jewellery as an intermediary between the self and society she also has been rethinking everyday items recently to explore the relationship we have with objects.

In the lecture Veronika will walk us through her route towards jewellery, starting from the early projects during her studies until the most recent works, to show how her artistic approach and creative process evolved over these years.