Monday Evening (online) Lecture with Gitte Nygaard

Been there done what – from Binchotan and Black. Photographer: Petra van Velzen

To Grip and Grasp The opposable thumb, which evolved at least as far back as Homo habilis around 2.3 million years ago, is actually a big deal; with it, we can hold an object with one hand while the other works upon that object. Once we get something in our grip, cultural evolution takes over – with the hands not just developing skills, but serving as a conduit for values. The talk will be a tour through different projects and evolve around my ideas as a maker and artist.   

Gitte Nygaard – Artist & Maker works across disciplines to expand conversations and inspire awareness of the relationship between ourselves and the objects we live with. Her work moves beyond the gallery, connects the seemingly unexpected and explores the often overlooked. While Gitte’s range of work is broad and multi-faceted, connecting the strands is the idea of how jewellery and products create relations to people and between people. She creates artworks, functional objects, collections, commissioned pieces and project based collaborations.

If you are interested in joining via Zoom please contact us for more information