Online lecture by artist Edward Clydesdale Thomson

Often times I’ve been asked to work in some really particular places. In sites, situations and contexts in which the agency of art struggles against a prevalent and dominant other. Perhaps that other is an aesthetic, other times an agenda, or maybe a history. In this presentation I will use the notion of gesture to talk though the works I made in some of these contexts. 

Scottish/Danish artist Edward Clydesdale Thomson is based in Rotterdam. His practice addresses contemporary conflicts of time by rethinking and reshaping the space and conditions of his artistic production along durational lines. His work is often concerned with the places and objects on the margins – physically, socially or symbolically – of outside and inside, of wild and tamed landscapes, of decoration or function. Be that a patterned fabric, a window blind, a gate, a washing line, a garden, or a sense of identity. He has exhibited at the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, and the Malmo Konstmuseum. Notable solo projects include Grazer Kunstverein is moving; Grazer Kunstverein, Austria; wild care, tame neglect, Frankendael Foundation; Nothin Shakin but the Leaves on the Trees, Marabouparken konsthall, Sweden; and causa finalis at Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam. He is joint head of Fine Art at BEAR, ArtEZ, Arnhem. 

The lecture is part of a field project for the fist year of the department, lead by Sonja Bäumel, and will be streamed from the StrandLab Almere. Friday, April 16 , 15:00 -16:30 join via this link:

Monday Evening Lecture – On Archival Practices and Critical Fabulations by Sonia Kazovsky

Sonia kazovsky’s work speculates possibilities for other worlds and social configurations. The propositions that Sonia brings forward are based on rigorous research into the theories and cultures that constituted the location from which she speaks. In the lecture Sonia will talk about the trajectory that brought her to articulate her artistic practice. The lecture will take the form of storytelling: weaving together anecdotes from personal biography, fiction, politics and artworks altogether presenting a reflection on Art and being an artist in the financial and political contemporary.

Power Play Fighting For Dead and Non-Existent Spirits, Sonia Kazovsky 2019

Sonia Kazovsky (RU/IL 1989) is an artist and researcher based in Amsterdam. Often collaborative, she adopts an intersectional approach that combines values from critical pedagogy and feminist institutional critique.  Sonia writes plays, in which the theater figures as medium and mode of presentation. This allows for the practice and presentation of prefigurative politics. Prefigurative politics refers to modes of societal and organisational structures, that aim to reflect a wishful future. That places emphasis on both the back-end of production, as well as the moment of presentation. Kazovsky’s work has been exhibited in institutional and self organized frameworks -among which the Van Abbemuseum, in Eindhoven(NL); State of Concept in Athens (GR); Perdu Poetry foundation in Amsterdam (NL); Oostpol Theater in Arnhem (NL); Kunstraum Düsseldorf (DE). In 2016 she was part of the YCW of the Berlin Biennale 9 (DE) and in 2019 she was nominated for the Artist revelation prize by MAD, Paris. Most recently she was awarded the Young Talent stipend from the Mondriaan Fund for the year 2020-2021. Her work is part of the national library of the Netherlands.

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This year Studium Generale & Rietveld Uncut are focussing on different experiences and manifestations of the body and (dis)embodiments in art and life. Due to Covid-19, the quarantines and guidelines for physical distancing, we are not only dealing with (our) viral bodies, vulnerable bodies and lonely bodies; in attempts to continue life, we manifest ourselves nonstop behind our screens as virtual bodies and data bodies.

Read the Metropolis M review, featuring the work of our second year student Dimme van Harten here

Dimme van Harten, second year at the Jewellery Linking- Bodies department
Missing Link, Uncut 2021 Resilient Bodies

What are experimental and emancipating strategies and practices for fluid embodiments? How can we form resistant collective bodies without losing our own subjectivity and fleshy “matter”? How can we think about this from art practice and theory?

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