Hand medal project 2020

As described on handmedalproject.com

“While we are all watching caregivers, nurses, and doctors giving all they can to our communities, risking their lives for us, we want to find a way to honor them. They should all get a medal, a votive offering given in gratitude or devotion.
At some point this crisis will end and there will be a moment when we can thank them for all they do. We propose to present as many health workers as we can with a medal based on a traditional ex-voto, also to mark the moment when we can see a future.”

An initiative of Iris Eichenberg and Jimena Rios

Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Jewellery Linking Bodies, 1st year participation

Smell – Workshop by Laurent-David Garnier

October 2018

Laurent-David Garnier, senior perfumer, artist and chemist gave a two-days workshop and lecture at the department about smell. We explored the characteristics of smell, the sensation of smelling, learned about the composition of molecules that create exciting, horrible, addictive and beautiful fragrances. Through LD Garnier’s wonderful explanations and huge knowledge that spans from the chemical, artistic to ecological and political issues of olfaction we had smelling sessions where we tried to describe the smell in words, associations, descriptions. Students were asked to bring smells with them (in form of objects, liquids etc.) which they analysed and transformed through a week’s time into something new, disconnected to its past.

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