Monday Evening (online) Lecture with Barbara Graf

Barbara Graf, Ear Object With Bag, 2005
cotton, zipper, Velcro
2 pieces, closed: 23 x 16 x 2 cm
Foto © Barbara Graf

Body Extensions: On Corporeal Topographies

The work of Barbara Graf is tightly involved with the body. The intense relationship to the body is explored through Anatomical Garments, body objects and enveloping bandages. In Anatomical Garments, anatomical structures are sewn into fabrics, these surround the body, and the physical space is turned upside down, expanded or rearranged. While many of the works ‘dress‘ the body, they are rather to be understood as body extensions: Shells that completely wrap the body, transform the artist into a sculptural figure and as a second skin determine the body’s position. These sculptural constructions can be disassembled into its individual parts, and come with a manual that resembles technical instructions. All of the elements together while operating as textile body-shells, are at the same time a conceptual art work, as well as a made-to-measure bag which transforms the sculpture into a travel kit.

Barbara Graf is an artist and lecturer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in the Textile Department. In her work she investigates body representations and develops flexible sculptures as a second skin. Her main media include drawing, sculpture, photography and film. Since 2004 she has been working in artistic research projects dealing with medical issues. She is currently developing her artistic doctoral thesis Stitches and Sutures on the visualisation of body perception at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

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