Departments visit at the at Het CollectieCentrum with Suzanne van Leeuwen guided by Irma Földényi

December 2022

During the visit at Het CollectieCentrum Suzanne van Leeuwen showd the students around in the Depot of the Rijksmuseum. First, she gave an introduction on the building, how it was built and which price it has won due to being fully energy efficient, which was followed by a tour through the different storages and infrastructurs. The first depot room we visited was 17-18th century silverware with larger objects and jewels. The second depot was the collection of dutch art historian Marjan Unger. Marjan has been a collector throughout her life, and before passing away, she donated her entire collection to the Rijksmuseum. This donation made possibe for artists from the 1970’s onward to be present in the national collection, and includes many generations of Rietveld students.