Graduation Show Gerrit Rietveld Academie 2022, 6-10 July

It is this time of the year again! We are thrilled to invite you to our Graduation Show 2022  that will take place between the 6th -10th of July

The Jewellery – Linking Bodies department proudly presents the works of Ayano Koda, Stella Lydaki, Alma Teer and Weimin Zhu, this year at the FedLev Building in room 101. The four graduates share an interest in inside and outside, in bodies and their relations to the world. Through their projects they invite us to experience skin as space, making invisible remnants of our bodies longings tangible, constructing critical devices which allow to reclaim the power and pleasure of female sensuality, and creating healing jewellery pieces which through playfulness encourage us to take care of our bodies. Their revealing works respond to contemporary conditions through the materialisation of sensorial experiences, as embedded in and stimulated by body-related artworks. 
and the academies page for the graduation exhibition here >

The entrance is free of charge! 

Opening times
Wednesday 6 July: 10.00-21.00 hrs
Thursday 7 July: 10.00-21.00 hrs
Friday 8 July: 10.00-21.00 hrs
Saturday 9 July: 10.00-21.00 hrs
Sunday 10 July: 10.00-16.00 hrs

Looking forward to welcoming you for the last time this academic year!