Workshop Grip and Grasp by Gitte Nygaard

“The hand is the window on to the mind“ Kant wrote, and another clever guy has added; “the hand bone is connected to the brain bone, and the brain bone is connected to the social bone“.

We have become increasingly alienated from a physical understanding of the world. But for millennia, we as humans have understood the world through things, through touch, and our connection to other people has been through what they made. 

Through our hands we shape our world and through our making of our world we form ourselves. We reach with our hands and touch with our hands, and with this reaching and touching we come to understand how things feel and are. We will spend one day to evoke and examine how sensory qualities of material are perceived through making and what we can learn about our interaction with material.

Workshop The Collective Sound Boxes by Maya Felixbrodt

This workshop is an invitation to get closer to the body: one‘s own body; the surrounding bodies;  the collective body as well as objects as non-human bodies. All of these different elements will be examined in relation to the space they exist in.  

How does each of these bodies move? How does it feel? Does it sound? How does the relationship with the other bodies, living and inanimate, affect each other? Can we articulate new relations as collective bodies? 

We will dive into exploration through movement, touch and sound; through action and observation; play, improvisation, composition and choreography- with exercises based on the Laban Movement Analysis System (LBMS). 

Creative Sushi workshop „Rietveldish /Jewel sushi“ by Q Hisashi Shibata