Small Show – a week at puntWG

With Clementine Edwards (Jewellery research fellow 2021-2022), Dagmar Bosma, Karin Iturralde, Raoni Muzho Saleh and Sophie de Serièr

Open Making Sessions  4–7pm, Thursday, 6 October  4–7pm Friday, 7 October Communal Closing  1–5pm, Sunday, 9 October

Something to Hold in the Let Go is a queer-collective-togetherness comprised of five artists who will spend a week at puntWG from Monday, 3 to Sunday, 9 October 2022.  Our names are Clementine Edwards, Dagmar Bosma, Karin Iturralde, Raoni Muzho Saleh and Sophie de Serière. Within our practices we touch upon manifestations of decay, entropy and loss. Our shared interest is in a materiality that does not last or remain fixed, but rather that is in constant transformation. Where do we find stability amidst the necessary falling apart of things? And how can we reverberate and echo alongside and along with this shakiness?   Queer-collective-togetherness is a process of disintegration and growth. We approach the puntWG time samen thinking about the cyclical nature of our lives and practices. Our art practices give us something to hold onto and to ground with, and they allow us to relate to the world in ways queerer than the social norm. At puntWG we will take time to experiment with the creation of material possibility amidst decay.  We will host three public moments. On Thursday and Friday, we’re open to those curious to visit or join our collective making sessions. On Sunday we host a communal closing with food and drink. Please join us! Keep an eye on PuntWG’s website here-> or our IG (@some.thingtoholdintheletgo) for further details.